SmasrtPhone Games


Take the elevator to move around the area.
The mission is to go ahead while defeating the enemy and get the treasure.
A total of 3 stages are available.

[Main tools used: Unity]
[Coding languages: C#]
[Production period: November to December 2019]
[Released in December 2019]

catman for googleplay catman for appstore



A golf game operated with one finger.
Let's fly the ball and put it in the cup.
Play by flying a golf ball by tapping and swiping on your smartphone.

[Main tools used: Unity]
[Coding languages: C#]
[Production period: November 2020]
[Released in November 2020]

pongpongball for googleplay PongPongBall for appstore

PongPongBall app


There was a dog during the space voyage.The dog suddenly encountered a meteor shower and crash landed on an unknown planet.
Junk items are falling one after another on the planet.
Collect junk items to create escape ships and equipment.

[Main tools used: Unity/Blender]
[Coding languages: C#]
[Production period: December 2020 to March 2021]
[Released in April 2021]

DogSpaceDiary for googleplay DogSpaceDiary for appstore

DogSpaceDiary app

PC Games


This game aims at escaping from the stage by operating the player's CATMAN.In addition to riding a lift or submarine, you also need to clear obstructive rocks, switches, and doors.
In the building, in the train, in the water... There are three initial stages, but if you collect the gems on the stage, you will open a new stage.
There are 6 stages in total. There are 5 gems on each stage, and when you collect all of them, the 7th stage will appear.

[Main tools used: Unity]
[Coding languages: C#]
[Production period: January to July 2020]
[Released in July 2020]

catman for steam

Web Games


Aliens will fall from above, so touch them to repel them.
The UFO of the boss that appears in the last can be defeated by touching it 10 times.

[Coding languages: HTML5/JavaScript(jQuery)]
[Released in April 2021]




Load a custom marker with the camera and display a GIF or 3D object on the screen.
I realized webAR using aframe.